Difference in text scrolling styles.

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Difference in text scrolling styles.

Postby RiK » Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:11 pm

All the scroll texts accessible from the main menu are scrolled with a finger swipe (instinctive on iOS) and exit with a button, however the (more important) 'how to play' scroll text exits immediately on a screen tap and so potentially the new user misses out on important info.

I understand the reason being that the how to play is in the attract mode but this means there are two functionally inconsistent methods used in the same app and this might cause confusion.

Might be better to either include the 'menu' button method to quit the instructions text or at least include it as a prominent 'how to play' link from the main menu too with the same swipe to scroll interface used in every other scrolltext?

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