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iCade Suggestion

Postby Mitchismo » Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:58 am

I love Minotron. It combines all of my favorite childhood consoles with the penultimate arcade game of the era, at least for me. I love it. I do have two comments:

1) I like using my fling with it--but it's not quite perfect as the control works better with slides than simple directionals--but a movable-stick an alternate control scheme I'd dig--development expenses notwithstanding.

2) And more importantly, really, so it should be 1--I'd prefer the inverted T layout to work as an alternate to the current iCade button layout. Better still, make it so the middle buttons are up and down and either of the side buttons work for the sides. Chords would still be required for the angles, but that's fine. I'd just like the option of using the more familiar inverted T layout, such as the cursor keys, than the cross layout which is more like a standard, upright T than anything else.

That's it. It's an absolute stellar game. A classic. Not just because of it's component concepts and awesome psychedelic production--but out of the 2000+ iDevice Apps I've downloaded over the years, it's one of the handful I've played a hundred or more times. 64 Gigs nearly full of games and most of my time spent in Scrabble, Crux and Wooords, (Muffin Knight on the iCade)--but this is where most of my gaming moments are spent. From the opening Intellivision sequence which puts me perfectly in the mood (the CRT burn-in glow is outstanding) to the Williams explosions to the myriad sound-effects--it's a Gem. An absolute masterpiece.

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