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Android Gridrunner on Eeepad

Postby pippin » Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:50 am

Hi! I wanted to say thank you for Gridrunner on Android which is really pretty good, and also let you know of some small niggly problems I had.

I'm using an Asus TF-101 (Eeepad Transformer, running the latest (4.0.3) official system image) and I usually have it docked with its keyboard; I tend to use it more like a small laptop or netbook with a touchscreen. One consequence is that I played several games of old-style Gridrunner without even discovering there was a newer version available by turning the device. I think I only read somewhere later that you could rotate to get the "classic version" and then it twigged. Rotated to portrait way, got new version! Some little indication on the title screen(s) that there's another version available by rotating the device might be worthwhile! Presumably it's not a problem on phone-style devices as they are normally used portrait-way. I suspect most tablet use is landscape-way though so it's probably only us tablet folks who would have this problem... ;)

I've seen it seize up a few times when resuming or rotating; sometimes hitting the "home" soft-button in the system bar then re-starting Gridrunner results in the game locking up and needing a force-stop before it'll work again. This might be something to do with the game resuming in portrait when it was previously in landscape or vice-versa; I noticed it's often showing a part of the last screen it displayed, but rotated. Also I tend to have auto-rotation turned off; I wonder if that makes the problem more likely to trigger as the screen rotates as the program resumes.

The back button (soft button in the system bar on this tablet) doesn't seem to do anything; I would have expected it to quit or pause the game. Only the "home" button or switching app some other way seems to work. However, if I do that mid-game, going back to Gridrunner then gives me a "paws" menu which doesn't seem to be accessible any other way!

Sorry if this seems a bit of a laundry list. I do like the game, it's rather fun (and I only just managed to get past the first save point and onto level 5; I'm not used to so much stuff on screen at once!), but I thought I ought to give a bit of feedback on these things so it can be made better. :) I hope this helps!

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