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Welcome to the Goat Up 2 support forum

Postby GilesGoat » Tue Mar 05, 2013 6:46 pm

Hi guys,

as usual, this is the forum where you can get in touch with us about problems related to Goat Up 2.

Hopefully there won't be any.

Where to find the Goat Up 2 Editor Manual

The manual about the editor can be found at :


Scroll down until you'll find the links, otherwise direct link to the pages are :

Manual page 1 - Selecting a level to edit

Manual page 2 - Editing a level

Manual page 3 - Tile and Object Reference

Manual page 1 - Tips for Designing Fun Levels


PLEASE NOTE : out SW is tested on REGULAR DEVICES only, we do not guarantee it could work or work differently on Jailbroken devices or such, despite the SW is "plain and simple" done with as much respect as possible of iOS we don't know what could happen "if you mess with your iOS" we really can't test those situations.

Despite I can understand some people can have some reasons for not updating the iOS or use a Jailbroken device we can't really guarantee that anything is going to work if you happen to be in one of those situations.

NOTE ABOUT "why only 3rd gen devices" : the reason is very simple, our "framework" is based on the Neon engine, actually it IS the Neon engine ( plus other things ) for this reason there is use of shaders and other stuff not really present in older HW or older OpenGL versions. As all Llamasoft ( new gen ) games are based on the Neon engine this is our "minimal HW supported". In short, if it does not support OpenGLES 2.0 it won't work.

We hope you'll have a lot of fun and zero problems with Goat Up 2 :)

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