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Welcome to Tempest 4000 INFORMAL support forum

Postby GilesGoat » Tue Jul 24, 2018 11:59 am


I did open/create this forum for people wanting to ask this and that and report this and that about Tempest 4000 "any version".

First of all : to access this support forum, CAUSE *MEGA SPAM*, you have to register first and wait me to enable your account, in case you can't register/have problems you can send an email to gilesgoat@llamasoft.co.uk and I will try to sort it out.

Second : this is "INFORMAL" talk/support, at the present I still don't know/am sure "who you should talk to", if us or ATARI for support and stuff I should/could tell you probably that "you should only get in touch with Atari for any questions/etc. " but at least to try to sort out 'some stuff' going on and let some people have a place to say something I decided - for the moment - to open this forum.

Third : if Atari or "anyone else with power" is going to tell me "you can't reply/do that it's not your thing to do close this forum", I will, full stop, I don't want to step over someone's else toes/responsibilities ok ?

Ok said that and given the fact I DO NOT have 400 pages of "something lawyerese" or such to put here - but beware, someone else may well have it :mrgreen: - ok some fact and things, mostly about the PC version of T4K after 'what we heard'.

Ok there are some little issues .. "there's always something" .. mostly I heard about "video modes and speed", and "configuration of keys and stuff".

I have NOT been formally asked to do anything yet BUT I AM WORKING ON IT, we will have some new LS stuff ( for PC ) coming out at some point in a future so "it's stuff we need to sort out anyway" so I am doing my best to sort it out and I am getting there.

Now "Dilbert engineer mode" ...

Said that "Win 10/DX is a bit of a ()*£$(*@" for this kind of thing, from one thing "tries to do all by its own" for another thing I can still NOT understand WHY for the love of Goat is NOT possible to simply know "what the heck of refresh rate the video is going", however I am working - nearly done - on something that will allow you to choose what video mode ( res/refresh rate ) you want to go and let you toggle between full screen / window mode ( real full screen ).

Also I need to see what the *&$£ Win 10 is actually doing with all those new "auto scale modes/dpi" I've seen a bit of oddities yet, we are also investing in one of those G-Free/synch ultra wide monitor specifically to debug/test all this kind of stuff.

So the goal is to arrive at the point "you can go the res you want, it works, no one has to complain about that any more" :)

After that I'll have a look into the story of "configurable keys" I have a sort of a plan for that but I want to finish the monitor stuff first , of course my mind is to go K.I.S.S. ( Keep It Simple and Stupid ).

So in essence "working on things", "did not forget about you", "doing things take time", "this is what patches are for", etc.

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