Ok so far I am listening to some emails.

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Ok so far I am listening to some emails.

Postby GilesGoat » Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:12 pm


ok some people meanwhile reported me some bugs/stuff via email and/or other means.

"I am listening and trying to work things out".

Fundamentally "the biggest two things" seems to be the video modes stuff and configurable keys on the PC, someone reported a bit of a rare to happen but happening sometime thing on the XBox version.

Apparently there's also something with one achivement ( can't believe it after all that test but there we are ) and a "silly thing about a non-existent key".

But "it's not too bad", at the present I am on the two first things ( video and Keys ) I can't check the others until I'll be back in UK ( in some days ).


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