Attention massive deletion of SPAM accounts.

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Attention massive deletion of SPAM accounts.

Postby GilesGoat » Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:13 am


It seems this forum since yesterday been targetted by some bots trying to log in with loads of clearly automated generated accounts.

I had to run a "massive deletion" of accounts I hope I did not delete stuff in the middle 'that was real'.

Unfortunately there is no much way to understand precisely "what is real and what now".

Whoever wants to really still get an account on this forum better send me an email and prove me he/she is really human, there is no easy way to otherwise
identify what is real and what not.

Apologizes in advance if real people been deleted.

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Re: Attention massive deletion of SPAM accounts.

Postby A.C.777 » Wed Nov 28, 2012 5:11 pm

I used to run a forum for hostels and hotels in China, and regularly (as in once a day!) had to clear out spam accounts, usually spawned in Russia. In the end I had to disable all automatic postings which was a real hassle. Shame really. Anyway, hi Giles, hope all is well. This is Saint Sandy, been busy writing poetry etc ... cool ...


Poem: My Immortal Rose

And there in summer’s garden,
Midst the lily and the bay,
With nature smiling all around
To greet the newborn day,
Whilst in her blue waters
A faerie swooned along,
Violets drifting sweetly
On the honey-sweeted song,
To over hill and under mound
Past white cliffs and the shore,
First nor last to see beyond
The silver sheets of dawn,
Peonies and orchid blooms
Greeting with each other,
And lead us on through floral parks
Where waterfalls crash and shudder,
Shattering in rainbow drops for you,
My immortal rose.


+ some beasties I saw in Tibet/Inner Mongolia:



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