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After quite a ride in those last 2 years on the iOS App Store where we got a constant stream of very positive appreciation and feedback we realised that it is time for some change.

So we're altering direction in a couple of ways. Firstly we're looking at taking on slightly longer projects of the order of six months or so apiece, which will be cross-platform (definitely on PC and Mac, possibly on iOS, possibly on Android, and - well, you'll be hearing about the first of those fairly shortly).

Secondly and in parallel to this we have various other bits and pieces which we'll release on our own website over the next few months. The way in which we'd like to release those is as donationware - basically you can download them for free, and then optionally donate something to us if you like them.

This area of the website will be like a continuous, ongoing pay-what-you-like "shop". Here we'll be making available things that we've got that haven't been released yet for one reason or another (along with other things that are already out but which we'd also like to offer in this way).

Your donations will help us to work on the new larger projects, and hopefully engender a bit of goodwill and allow people to try out Llamasoft stuff at no risk. We'll also try to get people more involved and informed about our work in progress on projects.

I think that's a fair way for us to distribute things that otherwise might never get released at all.

You'll be helping us as we work on our new projects, your donations will make things happen and if it works out for us then we'll release more ports and goodies this way.

We've got a few things lined up to release this way in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for news from us on our blogs or in Twitter and pop back every now and again to see what's new and please if you like what we do help us to spread the word, let the world know about what we do. We've got some very special things lined up, stuff that's never seen the light of day and which certainly deserves to.


To start it off we'd like to offer up our first Android port, "Gridrunner". Download it, ensure it runs nicely on your Android device, play it, and if you like what we've made, give us a donation. How much is up to you - buy us a Lion bar, buy us a pint, buy us a curry, or biscuits for the flock, it's all good.

Here SuperOxWars,Five A Day, Caverns of Minos and Goat Up for Android

First of all a word of advice, those are UNFINISHED WORKS they are free but it is what it is, may have some bugs, may be not so perfect. A long story made short those are works in progress we never managed to completely finish and polish. They are still nice and playable and can give you quite some fun.
Still they took quite some work to be done, we did test them recently with some new HW and they seems to go fine. In the .ZIP you'll find all those .APKs have fun with them and if you think they deserve some donations all tha goes into the pot will be used for making more new games.




Here is Gridrunner for Android

Normal PackageZipped APK Package

More free stuff

Some people asked about the PC version of GR++ so I have uploaded it for free. Take it, enjoy it, and if you feel like it support us either with a donation or by spreading the word and/or buying our upcoming Vita game TxK

Here is Gridrunner++ for PC

We remind you our fantastic Gridrunner mug is always available.

For a Gridrunner++ strategy guide follow this link.
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