We've been out for a couple of days now. What's the response been like?

Way better than we could have hoped for! We set out to make something that would be uplifting to play, that would make people smiling and happy. Did we achieve that? Here are some comments from players - judge for yourself!

I forgot I had a body.

POLYBIUS! I can't believe a game can make me feel such joy. Thank you @llamasoft_ox for an incredible experience!

Polybius is easily one of the best immersive PSVR showcases, alongside Rez Infinite, Thumper and SuperHyperCube - amazing work.

The difference between non-VR and VR modes is incredible - even the title screen is astonishing. @llamasoft_ox has found his ideal canvas :)

@llamasoft_ox what have you done to my brain?

@llamasoft_ox thx for providing such a wonderful VR gaming xperience. Most immersive, fun and addictive #psvr game so far!

I think it's the best game you have ever written, it's fucking epic! Nice one mate :-)

Any initial WTF? Confusion of #Polybius is soon replaced with euphoria & a great big grin. Amazing work @llamasoft_ox and all involved

Polybius from @llamasoft_ox has the most *brilliant* 3D TV mode - great fun even without PSVR. First reason I’ve ever had to switch TV to 3D

#Polybius in VR. Blimey. Words can't begin to describe it. Never before has a videogame given me a headrush. My compliments to @llamasoft_ox

What you can't hear in this POLYBIUS (PSVR) clip is me laughing w/delight; thx @llamasoft_ox

Oh My God. Polybius is the best PSVR game by a mile. If you have a PSVR, you *need* this game.

Polybius wow ! Played to level 20 and now I feel chiiiiiiiiiiled 🐑 first time in ages I am not worrying myself sick. 10/10

Get #Polybius by @llamasoft_ox for PSVR. It's gorgeous, mind warping and extremely fun. Very inspirational as well!

Shout out to #Polybius and @llamasoft_ox. Great game. I wondered what an 80s shooter would feel like inside an arcade game. This is it #psvr

Halted my POLYBIUS time until tomorrow but let the eldest have a go before bed and as I was making a brew, all I could hear was laughter.

So if you have a PSVR then you need to get Polybius. If you don't have a PSVR then get one and get Polybius. My word @llamasoft_ox

So far Polybius by @llamasoft_ox is incredible and doesn't want to let me go.. love it!

Well #Polybius is ridiculous. When you are really going + the screen is pulsing, colours separating — I think I taste colour.

Blimey! Just played Polybius, the most intense legal trip you’ll ever take. Legendary work @llamasoft_ox this is THE reason for having PSVR

1st VR Polybius run. Holy mackerel! You get in a trance zone, when you finally run out of shields, you're like what day is it @llamasoft_ox

#Polybius is ridiculous fun @llamasoft_ox has absolutely nailed it!

Blew the dust off the psvr for @llamasoft_ox Polybius. Techno goodness. IncrediBull

@llamasoft_ox Dude, you *so* nailed it. Relaxed into the game tonight and did so much better. All the things you spoke about - delivered.

Go with the flow is about all the instruction you need for Polybius. I should be in bed but here I am. Beautiful. Thanks @llamasoft_ox

Seriously, I have the *biggest* grin on my face right now, and it’s all @llamasoft_ox’s fault. #polybius

@llamasoft_ox New Jeff game... Download NOW and... 4K 60fps = amazing! Plug in PSVR... I HAVE NO WORDS!!! 30 years I been waiting for this!

Oh my god you guys smashed it :D and the music is magic , a very happy chappy indeed

Now that I've finished mopping up the brains dribbling from my ears...moar #Polybius

congrats to @llamasoft_ox it's finally out everyone go buy it your life will never be the same again.

thank you llamasoft!! Best VR game I've ever played! No motion sickness (finally), super fast, just amazing.

I really don't know what to say. @llamasoft_ox Polybius on PS4VR is freaking incredible.U just get so consumed by it 😁😁😁 great music as well

can’t. stop. playing. Polybius. It has a true home on PSVR. Bravo

me and kids love playing it! We are all crowded round the console desperate for our next turn!

What a totally amazing job done by @llamasoft_ox & everyone concerned with #Polybius. Such a polished and addictive game

Found myself not breathing through at least one level of Polybius, so if I die it's @llamasoft_ox 's fault.

OMG. I played Polybius last night and it gave me at least four spine tingling head buzzing goosebump full body rushes.

I've been a fan of Minter's games for a long time, but this is better than I'd hoped. The sense of speed is phenomenal, the colors are incredible, and most importantly, the gameplay is amazing

It somehow manages to be both the most relaxing and intense game on the PSVR. Not sure how he managed that...

This game truly gives me some of the same feelings I've had tripping on psychedelics. It cracks open potential for VR technology I never even knew existed.

Pictures and videos don't do this game justice. Once you are in there it will visually blow you away...

You don't need drugs. You need Polybius.

This is intense, this is insane. I'm smiling from ear to ear.

I have to say, I have never had a game make me fall so much in love with a genre that I previously hated.

So, uh, yeah! We're totally surprised and happy! Really pleased to see people enjoying it so much!

The legend becomes reality. Polybius is the new Llamasoft PS4 game!

Llamasoft's new creation for PSVR (fully playable on non-PSVR PS4 systems too) is a re-interpretation of the legendary psychoactive arcade game Polybius.

After an encounter with the real thing (check out the story of a mysterious Basingstoke trip, some of which may or may not be true), and given the availability of current state of the art VR technology we decided it was finally time to re-create this game .. with all the good, minus the bad. We're not out to brainwash you. But we do want to give you something that makes you feel good when you play, that takes you quickly and efficiently to "the zone" where everything flows and you feel uplifted and exhilarated.

For more details about the game, click here.. Or check it out for yourself - it'll be available on the PS store on the 9th May (US) and 10 May (EU).

In this video I'll talk you through the game's first seven levels, explaining how things work.

Here are some quick screenshots, click on them to learn more about the game.


OST Available for sale on Bancamp

From our talented musicians you can now download and buy the original soundtrack HERE !

34 tracks including a special MIX of over 1 hour of fantastic music ! Really you CAN NOT miss this !


TxK wins a Develop Award

Music composer "Junosix" wins a Develop Award for his soundtrack Noise Pulse composed exclusively for TxK


The prestigious Develop Award

We are very grateful to all the talented composers that been with us on this project and that allowed us to create such a wonderful game. We remind you also that you can always purchase the soundtrack here.

TxK wins a postumous ZZAP Gold Medal !

It's true! Gary Penn, Julian Rignall and Gary Liddon decided to give TxK a ZZAP! Gold Medal from beyond the grave!


I must say how irrationally happy it made me when I saw that the lads from Zzap! had all played TxK and awarded us this posthumous Zzap! GM. Makes me feel like I'm 20 again. - Yak

Get the orignal soundtrack here!  
Yes ! Yes ! Yes !

The NEW release for PSVita is HERE !

The long awaited new Llamasoft game for PSVita is finally arrived, finally available for digital download on the PSN store.

Glowing vectors, explosive particle effects and a pulse-pounding soundtrack are core elements of many modern arcade shooters - a style that Llamasoft defined with its seminal 90s tube shooter.

TxK is the spiritual successor to that genre-defining work and brings you 100 levels of engrossing score-chasing gameplay married to an outstanding soundtrack that will have your head nodding as you blast your way onto the scoreboards.

Check out TxK details here.

GR++ PC up for grabs

Some people asked about the PC version of GR++ so I have uploaded it for free. Take it, enjoy it, and if you feel like it support us either with a donation or by spreading the word and/or buying our upcoming Vita game TxK

TxK on Indie Week

PlayExpo Logo
Watch the new Llamasoft video, Jeff talks about TxK interviewed by Hollie
TxK is now content and feature complete and we are on course to submit it to QA very soon. Expect more videos and details of the final game in the coming weeks as we move towards release.

First Playable at Sony

Friday 28th we have been at Sony headquarters in London where we presented the "First Playable" and we received very positive feedback and appreciation. According to Spencer Low "One of the best First Playable I have seen in the last 10 years."
So the second project milestone been passed with flying colours and everything is full steam ahead now looking forward to Alpha submission. We spent a really lovely afternoon at Sony and a wonderful evening with some of the guys at the best hamburger place in London.

Giles Shahid and Yak

Giles, Shahid and Yak with the First Playable (photo taken by Spencer Low)

See more details at the developer's blog entry.


The Road Ahead

"19 years ago saw the release of one of the best games Llamasoft ever made, a game which came to be recognised as one of the best games on an entire system - Tempest 2000 on the Atari Jaguar. I've often thought that one day I would like to revisit that game and do some kind of an updated version on modern hardware"
Image created by Rod Steele

Our Latest game GOAT UP 2 *****
"GoatUp 2. For the caprine game designer within you. The one who likes eating flowers and farting on Manic Miner enemies. You know it makes sense." - Indie Statik
"This is a great evolution of the original Goatup jumper into a platformer game. As usual for Llamasoft, everything is amazing, from the retro sounds and visuals to the tight controls and gameplay."
See more about it ...
Also have a look at ...
And all the other games too !
Goat Up 2Super Ox WarsGridrunnerFive a day
Caves Of MinosGoat UpDeflexMinotron 2112
Minotaur Rescue
 Keep me posted about new games !

Welcome to Llamasoft

30 years of making games we love to play and people like to play. Join us now and share the experience of what makes Llamasoft games a kind of its own and what we are.
Yak And Ginger " The first step is making a nice game is make a game you love to play ... "
Llamasoft games been around since 1984, they evolved and are always evolving around the new technologies and medias available always retaining the original vision of games that are fun to play.
Gameplay mechanics, humour, rewarding game experience, right feeling of the controls and a bit of a twisted vision is what you'll find into our games.

During all this years a lot of people have played Llamasoft games some of which been considered to be some classics, like Tempest 2000 or Attack of the Mutant Camels to quote some of the most well known. All those people that liked our work are still following us today.

These people are not just players, they are the people that followed Llamasoft during the development of the games, that seen the life of the games, that voiced their ideas and opinions on what we were doing, that lived together with us what been going on in all those years.

Some people say our games are not "mainstream" because they are different. Yes, they are different but not everyone is the same in this world, we are what we are.

So why don't you take a closer look at what this "different" is and make your own mind ? It won't hurt you ;) You may find out why some people are still with us since 30 years.

Thanks from Yak and Giles

We thank you again for looking around and supporting us.


Thank you from Yak


and Giles too



Beam me up Scotty!