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Gridrunner Revolution, what's it all about?

Founded in 1982 by Jeff Minter, Llamasoft quickly established a reputation for producing games rich in originality, adrenaline-pumping action, quirky humour and digital ungulates. Over the years Llamasoft has released over 30 games on nearly 20 platforms, garnering plenty of awards along the way as well as a loyal community of fans - The Llamasofties.

After nearly a quarter of a century developing distinctive and addictive entertainment software, Llamasoft isn't slowing down. In fact we are now proud to present GRIDRUNNER REVOLUTION, a very modern updating of one of Llamasoft's earliest and most successful games.

Gridrunner Revolution

The Goodies Package

We create a goodies package so far released only as a promotional Press Package, however if interest will be high we may consider trying to distribute it as a special treat. Meanwhile feel free to enjoy some of its DVD contents from this site.

The goodies package ( content may vary )

If you are a member of the press wishing to review the game, contact us ( Yak ) for a press kit.

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