Welcome to Llamasoft Online Score Tables

Llamasoft Online Score Tables

We are happy to announce that now Llamasoft has its own Online Score Tables, from now on you'll be able to play the games and compare your scores with other players, track your progresses online and challenge yourself to beat the best players all over the world.


How does it work ?

It's very simple, all you need to have is a registered version of the game, perform an online registration to create your own account and choose your score boards nickname and then that's basically it, from now on 'play the game and you score will go online' as simple as that.


What if I am not connected ?

No problem, your score will be always recorded on your local score table, the next time you have an active internet connection and you launch the game again your online score will be updated.


Do I have to register for every game ?

No, the idea is that once you created your own account you'll be able to re-use it for all the new Llamasoft games; your account is your identity in the Llamasoft world. That's why the program offers you the possibility to register a new account or log in with an existent one.


Privacy and such ..

The data we collect is for your account identification only, we may in the future use your email address to keep you informed about new Llamasoft releases and such, but it will never be passed on to any third parties.

If you are really concerned about it keep in mind it does not need to be real, all is needed is you remember what you put in when you registered in case you need to retrive lost data and/or you wish to get in touch with us. We reccomend that at least the email address is a valid working one !


If something does not work ...

There is always the Llamasoft Support forum for you. Please try to include as much info as possible when reporting a problem as the more we know about it, the better we can help you to sort it.


Cool, will there be more ?

Yes, as time and resources allow. Llamasoft always looks forward to adding new things and improving stuff. Coding never stops (except when the sheep need feeding, of course).

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