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Fat Pixels, Fun Times: Great Vic-20 Games

I wanted to do a bit of a balancing entry to the one I did yesterday where I took the piss out of several bad Vic-20 games, lest I give the impression that I am a complete curmudgeon and that … Continue reading

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I’ve Turned Into a Green Thing: Terrible Vic-20 Games

While twittering on the tweetatron this morning the subject of “Asteroids” by S. Munnery came up. This legendarily terrible version of Asteroids was, as I have documented before in the History of Llamasoft, at least partially responsible for the very … Continue reading

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Various Items of Gridrunner-Related Gnus

Quite a Gridrunnery time at the moment. 1: Gridrunner nominated for the Golden Joysticks awards. In the mobile/tablet category. Which is nice. However since to win it you have to get the most votes from fans, and since in fact … Continue reading

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Caprichoso Arcade: Inferno+

It’s happened again. It’s a scene which has played out so many times, in the offices and homes of game developers across the world. It’s happened many times before and doubtless it’ll happen many times again. One dev turns to … Continue reading

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Happy birthday C64!

So they are saying that today is the 30th birthday of the c64. Well that’s true for certain values of “birthday” I guess. When was the C64 born? Was it back in 1981 when the designers first began work on … Continue reading

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