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Why you should ignore the Top 10

When you go to the Apple iOS App Store and browse through the various apps pretty much all most users will see is Top 10 lists. And really as a user you should deliberately ignore Top 10 lists, precisely *because* … Continue reading

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When Llamasoft abused the Olympic copyright

Yes, there was actually a time when Llamasoft illicitly used the Olympic rings symbol in its advertising. Take a look at this 1984 ad: “Hottest Games in town” my arse. Basically we relied on the firm who did our printing … Continue reading

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Caprichoso Arcade: So Long, Oregon

In which the black ox with the blue star out of Super Ox Wars recommends some of the games we actually play when we’re not busy developing. This week I thought it’d be nice to mention one of my favourite … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Caprichoso Arcade!

It’s difficult enough finding the good games out there given that there are so many things being released. It’s hard to know what to even look at. But I figure if you’re reading a Llamasoft blog page then you might … Continue reading

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