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The odd little world of Commodore 16/Plus 4 Llamasoft game ripoffs

Trawling through my emulator bin the other day I became aware of an odd little subcategory of games I had no idea even existed: C16/Plus4 games that are either copies of, or heavily influenced by, my own games on the … Continue reading

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A peculiar little drama, all unobserved

I’m not great at social media. Twitter I can handle, since its very brevity means that one doesn’t tend to get distractedly too engaged with it, and I quite enjoy emitting occasional silly tweets about things I’m working on. (And … Continue reading

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IAP Abuse Alive and Well and Living In… Equestria?

Sometimes I just come across things that simply beggar belief. Now anyone who knows me probably knows I’m a massive brony, for my sins. So when I heard that there was to be an “official” MLP game I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Non-Llamasoft-Related Minotaur-ish iOS Fun

In which the black ox with the blue star out of Super Ox Wars takes an occasional look at games we like which aren’t actually ours. This game was recommended to me by one of its creators, who thought I … Continue reading

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