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Fun for the Whole Family: Old Computer Ads Revisited

You may remember a few months ago I did a bit of a pisstake of some old ads from out of ancient computer magazines, concluding with this memorable “OH HOLY FUCK, LOOK AT THOSE KNOBBLY GREEN TRIANGLES!” one for the … Continue reading

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Being Matthew Smith: A First Look at Goatup 2

I’ve been working lately on a sequel of sorts to “Goatup”. The full title of the sequel is “BUCK! The Tail of Goatup 2″ but I am sure most people will be happy enough to just shorten that to Goatup … Continue reading

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Obscure Cult Game System Resurrected on iOS

In which the black ox with the blue star (the best ox) out of Super Ox Wars recommends games we’ve been enjoying lately. One of my first ever trips to the US (to go and visit Human Engineered Software, who … Continue reading

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