Minotaur Rescue update submitted to Apple

I’ve just submitted an update to Minotaur Rescue – figured I’d do a few little tweaks before I move on to my next game.

Main changes:

- Adds persistent, user-settable start bonuses. If at the end of a level you have 3 or more lives left and your score is greater than the existing start bonus, it becomes that level’s start bonus. If you have less than 3 lives a smaller value is used depending on how many lives you have.

- Level select is no longer limited to only 8 levels. You can start on any level you completed.

The following changes were made to help the player power up more quickly after a death:

- Power up per minotaur rescued is now 2x.

- Shot speed increase towards the middle of the screen effect radius widened.

- Saucers and mines onscreen when the level ends are transformed into minotaurs.

Other changes:

- Volume setting is persistent.

- When PAUSE is activated, other options apart from UNPAUSE do not appear until after a 2 second delay. This is to prevent accidental quitting due to unintentional PAUSE mode activation during play.

- Survival Mode is now entered directly rather than selecting Survival and pressing PLAY.

These changes should open up the higher levels and scoring possibilities for a broader cross section of players and alleviate some of the moaning that people have done about feeling too powerless when they lose a life.

The update should roll out automagically as soon as Apple do the approval. ┬áNo idea how long that takes for updates or if it’s significantly shorter than an initial submission, we’ll see.

Still, hopefully Minotron should drop soon so that’ll give you something to be getting on with in the meanwhile }:-D.

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