Gridrunner called out as “the best shooter on iOS”

Gridrunner’s out and has been getting some very nice reviews all round.

Eurogamer concluded “This isn’t just a great shooter, it’s a thrilling one… Gridrunner’s a blast, and the best shooter on iOS.”.

Read the whole review here.

TouchArcade readers voted Gridrunner the Game of the Week, and the review called it “A Retro Remake Done Right”.

Read the review here.

ArcadeLife rated the game 94/100 and called it “pure arcade classic reinvention on a touch-screen device”.

Read the review here.

More to come. It’s looking like this is the best received of all the iOS games so far, which is nice. I’ll post more review links as they come in.

Meanwhile I’m already halfway through the next game, which is coming along rather nicely and has developed quite a particular style that surprised even me ;)

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