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Having been out a few days now Minotaur Rescue is gathering user comments and some reviews. Response so far is very good, over 60 ratings on the iTunes score averaging to a nice 4.5 out of 5, and some nice pieces on gaming sites to boot.

Here are a sampling of them plus some links to reviews and other items you might find interesting.

“these controls are simply the best shooter controls on the app store…no mean feat that in itself. I am even strongly tempted to say that the controls for this type of asteroid style game have been surpassed here from anything which has come before on any platform because as mad as it gets you can move on a pin-head, it really does tap into the reflex part of the brain, and of course this frequently yields the rush of pleasure we hardcore gamers crave but don’t ever get enough of.”

“Game of the year, 2011. It could use some type of simple soundtrack, but it’s omission is understandable given the limitations of the Ataurus system. Again, great, regardless of your stance on Minotaurs.”

“Those lovely visuals and the pacing of the gameplay make this a complete thing of joy to me. I would happily pay 10 times the asking price and this is easily one of the most addictive pieces of joy I own.”

“…this is easily the best iPad game I’ve played.”

“For the first few minutes I HATED playing this game but LOVED it’s style… so I kept at it.. then I had the breakthrough moment of “OHHHH.. That’s how the controls work!” and now I adore the game!”

“The controls are intuitive, the graphics are VCS like (but with modern sparkly bits – rotation and loads of star splash springs to mind), and it’s got me by my balls for that “just one more go” feeling.”

“Once you get the hang of things (slow swipes work best), Minotaur Rescue is a joy to play. It also packs a good amount of variety in the form of multiplayer (1-4 players on iPad, 1-2 on iPhone), as well as three additional modes: Deep Space Minotaur Madness (removes the sun), Tanks! (inspired by the Atari 2600 game, Combat) and Jets! (again, from Combat fame). You definitely get a lot for the money.”

“Factor in the retro style graphics and music (bleeps, bloops and humorous grunts), and Minotaur Rescue is without question a must buy. Minter’s love of all things old school has paid dividends, with a sweet shooter you need to experience, especially if you grew up during the golden age of Atari.”

“This game is brutal! But a lot of fun! Totally worth the buy!”

“Love the game. Been playing since Gridrunner on my 800. Hope to see lots more.”

“I have a confession… I hate Asteroids. I always wanted to love it, but just never got on with the controls. I would have loved asteroids with these controls.”

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Are you interested in learning a bit more about the design ideas behind Minotaur Rescue?  Then you may be interested in the little introductory piece I wrote on Livejournal a few days ago.  Click here to read the entry.

Would you like to know more about the history of Llamasoft (and what it was like in the early days of the games business itself)?  Then you might be interested in reading my free e-book on the subject, A History of Llamasoft. You can download it by clicking here.

We are very pleased with the positive reaction to Minotaur Rescue and work has already begun on the next Minotaur Project game.  Keep an eye on us for news and progress/release updates :) .

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